Dinivas is one of the Lieutenant Knights to Adolmaea the Sun King and the fastest of all the Knights in Xiaolin Showdown – Return of the Heylin Empire, its speed and deadly efficiency in battle come with a price however as its is the smallest Knight closely followed by Wizel the White Knight, it's originally Pactmaker was was an Unnamed General but in the Modern Day it has become the weapon wielded by Raimundo Pedrosa Daimos.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Ark Drive - Dinivas summons powerful Crystal Arks, floating Crystals that attack with pillars of Dark Energy, they also have an additional powerful ability:
    • Charge Drive - Dinivas channels energy into Crystal Arks, strengthening their attacks and allowing them to cast powerful Dark Magic, their attack range is also magnified.
  • Skewer - Dinivas stabs forwards and impales enemy upon its blade with incredible swiftness.
  • Triple Thrust - Dinivas stabs forwards and impales enemies three times.
  • Sonic Blade - Dinivas launches a slash of contained energy from his blade, causing a blade of razor-sharp energized air to race towards enemies causing a medium level of damage.
  • Clemency - Dinivas charges energy into his body, it then flies up into the air and charges down, flying past while skewering his enemies with the momentum of gravity.
  • Dinivas' Boon - Heals Dinivas of an amount of energy loss, its version of healing, it also increases his offensive and evasive powers by double for a length of time.
  • Sudden Bolt - Dinivas channels Dark energy throughout its form, casting a spell, once done it raises its arm into the air calling a bolt of magical Dark Lightning which sometimes appears as more than one bolt of energy.
  • Ebon Gale - A powerful flurry of Dinivas' Ebony wings which cause massive damage to a number of people in a nearby area from high-speed wind damage.
  • Zephyr Blast - Dinivas spins around and fills his blade with Dark wind energy before he slashes out at the end of his spin, causing a blast of energy.
  • Ebony Flight - A Ability that is used for a different phase of battle, Dinivas takes to the air followed by its Flight/Flotation and Winged Brothers, preparing for an aerial battle.