Heylin Prime

Heylin Prime is the supreme ruler and master of the Heylin warriors. he lived 1000 years ago and ruled the world with Dark power. now he is imprisoned in the Heylin Coment.


1000 years he roamed the world with his Heylin army and attacked many people to get what he wanted until a legendary warrior stopped him and overpowered him and imprisoned him in the world of Darkness.

He currently speaks to his Heylin forces on their bases and gives them orders since he can't get his plans right himself. he was the one who possesed Hannibal Roy Bean to possess Chase Young and create a new Heylin army and posses Wuya and control them to complete his plans. the only ones who discovered about Heylin Prime were Jack Spicer and Wuya. Wuya and Jack Spicer with Jack's cousin Megan tried to stop the other Heylin from awakining Heylin Prime.