Larvayne the Dragon Knight is one of the Heylin Knights appearing in Xiaolin Showdown – Return of the Heylin Empire, at least 7 meter tall Weapons of War created by the Ancient Heylin Empire, an Unnamed General was the first Pactmaker of Larvayne and later Chase Young became its Pactmaker.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Ark Drive - Larvayne summons powerful Crystal Arks, floating Crystals that attack with pillars of Dark Energy, they also have an additional powerful ability:
    • Charge Drive - Larvayne channels energy into Crystal Arks, strengthening their attacks and allowing them to cast powerful Dark Magic, their attack range is also magnified.
  • Thrust - A piercing thrust.
  • Chop - A downward slash that can cleave an opponent in two.
  • Double Thrust - A charging attack that lands two hits in rapid succession.
  • Anima Spear - A move that strikes the target's weakest point.
  • Rive Slash - A downward slash that delivers a crippling blow.
  • Dragon Dance - A flurry of five rapid thrusts that recalls a dragon soaring in flight.
  • Sonic Spear - A long-range attack that imbues the lance with a dragon's might, making the Spear glow white.
  • Heaven Siege - A finishing attack where the lance is launched skyward, before launching beams of lance-shaped energy down upon enemies, before landing in Larvayne's outstretched hand.
  • Healer's Soul - Larvayne casts a bust of healing magic, healing either itself or another Heylin Knight, but only one-at-a-time and the ability leaves the Heylin Knight defenceless during its casting.
  • Dragon's Flight - Larvayne takes to the air with its brothers for an Aerial Battle.