Wizel the White Knight is one of the Heylin Knights appearing in Xiaolin Showdown – Return of the Heylin Empire, at least 7 meter tall Weapons of War created by an Ancient Empire of Darkness, an unknown General was the first Pactmaker of Wizel and currently General Seth Raiden.



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Holy Sword "Dragor"Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • Ark Drive - Wizel summons powerful Crystal Arks, floating Crystals that attack with pillars of Dark Energy, they also have an additional powerful ability:
    • Charge Drive - Wizel channels energy into Crystal Arks, strengthening their attacks and allowing them to cast powerful Dark Magic, their attack range is also magnified.
  • Slash - A vertical slash with the power to cleave weak enemies in two.
  • Thrust - A piercing thrust.
  • Strike - A hammering strike that makes enemies tremble.
  • Crossfire - A pair of slashes that hit the foe in a cross pattern.
  • Stonecutter - A devastating strike with the power to split boulders.
  • Bladestorm - A punishing attack that delivers five hurricane-like blows.
  • Sonic Blade - A long-range attack with a Divine blade, projecting light energy into a beam slash.
  • Armageddon - A move that uses Divine power to decimate all nearby foes.
  • Wildfire - A mighty area attack that uses a lightning-charged blade.
  • Holy Blade - A mighty slash that unleashes the full power of the Divine sword in a area attack based on a blast of Light.
  • Healer's Soul - Wizel casts a bust of healing magic, healing either itself or another Heylin Knight, but only one-at-a-time and the ability leaves the Heylin Knight defenceless during its casting.
  • Levitation - Due to being the weakest Knight due to its inability to adapt, Wizel has since forced itself to upgrade and has hence gained the ability to Levitate similar to the Sun King, allowing it to fight in the air along with the other Heylin Knights.